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Multidistrict Litigation

Multidistrict litigation (MDL) includes multiple injured plaintiffs with individual legal claims that involve similar facts. Depending on your case facts, MDL provides advantages for plaintiffs under some circumstances. These cases can be complex, and only a skilled attorney with MDL experience should be trusted to handle your claim.

Multidistrict litigation is often used synonymously with class action litigation. However, just because claims are joined for MDL does not mean that the plaintiffs are members in a class action lawsuit. Attorneys at CaseyGerry have taken on leadership positions and successfully represented injured clients in MDL cases. If you have suffered injuries caused by someone else’s fault, contact our office to discuss multidistrict litigation and other legal recovery options.

Multidistrict Litigation Practice

CaseyGerry is San Diego’s oldest personal injury law firm with over four decades of personal injury practice. We have secured more than $25 billion for our injured clients and their families. Our attorneys pursue maximum compensation in every case.

Our sophisticated personal injury attorneys are skilled litigators and negotiators who have experience handling all types of personal injury cases. Our law firm and individual attorneys are nationally recognized for our commitment to and success in advocating for the injured.

We know that unexpected injuries can have significant consequences, especially when injuries are severe. We take our personal injury cases on contingency because we want our clients to focus on their physical and emotional recovery without the burden of legal bills. We will not collect attorneys’ fees until you have secured compensation for your injuries and damages.

How Multidistrict Litigation Cases Work

When multiple cases are filed in different courts against the same defendant, multidistrict litigation may be an option if the claims have similar factual scenarios. For example, suppose it is discovered that a pharmaceutical drug prescribed to numerous people contains dangerous carcinogens. If multiple people who had taken the drug before the risks were known subsequently developed cancer, there might be enough similar facts in the case to transfer all of the claims to one court.

MDL cases are joined for the discovery phase of the litigation to save time and money. During the discovery phase, witnesses are interviewed under oath, and the MDL attorneys collect important case evidence. Rather than gathering the same evidence and interviewing the same witnesses numerous times, discovery can be completed one time and used in multiple cases.

Sometimes cases can be settled during the discovery process, and the settlement terms are unique to each plaintiff depending on the extent of their injuries and damages. Each plaintiff has the right to negotiate their own settlement terms, and they are not required to settle their cases. Cases that are not settled during the MDL discovery phase are eventually returned to their original jurisdiction for independent litigation, negotiations, and trials.

Multidistrict Litigation Attorneys

If you have questions about multidistrict litigation and other legal recovery options, contact our office to schedule a free consultation. Attorneys at CaseyGerry will go over your case and discuss your potential financial compensation. When someone else caused your injuries and damages, they should be held accountable.

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