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Sexual assault is one of the worst crimes committed, and sexual assault survivors often suffer devastating physical and emotional injuries. Whether the abuse occurred at the hands of a coworker, caretaker, acquaintance, or stranger, recovering from sexual assault injuries and damages is often a long journey. The San Diego sexual assault attorneys at CaseyGerry know that sometimes the emotional scars can last a lifetime.

Sexual assault is a crime, and offenders face serious criminal penalties, including fines and prison time, if convicted. Criminal convictions serve to punish offenders, but they do little to compensate the victims for their suffering. If you or a loved one is a sexual assault survivor, you may have a civil claim for financial compensation against the assaulter, and any third-party also responsible for your losses. Let our expert San Diego personal injury lawyers hold your assaulter accountable.

San Diego Sexual Assault Injuries Practice

  • Our attorneys understand that sexual assault cases are emotional for victims and their families. The thought of revisiting your experience during the legal process may be distressing, but our attorneys will treat you with compassion and respect as they pursue your claim.
  • Our law firm has helped injury victims recover compensation for more than 70 years, and our goal is to secure maximum compensation for our clients. We will pursue all injuries and damages that are recoverable in your case.
  • Sometimes, corporate entities bear some responsibility in sexual assault cases due to their negligent hiring, negligent security, and failure to help victims of sexual assault when they are in the position to do so. No case is too big for our law firm, and we are not afraid to take on big corporations and their attorneys.

Common Types Of Sexual Assault in San Diego

Sex Assault In The Workplace

Sexual harassment and assault are not uncommon in the workplace. State and federal laws offer protections for employees who have the right to work in a safe environment. Unfortunately, these laws do not stop everyone from engaging in illegal workplace conduct, and employers are often responsible for their employees’ actions.

Employers have a duty to provide a work environment free from sexual harassment and assault. However, many employers fail to take appropriate action when they have been notified about their employees’ wrongful conduct. Sometimes negligent employment practices, such as failing to run background checks as part of their hiring process, lead to employer responsibility for sexual assault injuries.

Sexual Assault By A Teacher Or Caretaker

Some of the most emotionally challenging sexual assault cases we handle involve clients who have been sexually assaulted by someone entrusted to care for them. Teachers, daycare providers, doctors, nursing home employees, therapists, and others are in a unique position of power, and when they abuse that power, they deserve to be brought to justice.

School districts, medical facilities, medical practice groups, daycares, nursing homes, and other corporate and government entities owe a duty of care to patients, students, and others who are in their care. Young children and elderly adults are particularly vulnerable in these scenarios, and employers may be responsible for injuries caused by their employees.

Sex Trafficking

Law enforcement crackdowns and reports on sex trafficking have exposed the large-scale problem in California and across the world. Sex trafficking victims are forced to endure repeated and continuous sexual assault at the hands of individuals and organized crime rings. Trafficking victims are held against their will and forced to participate in sex acts with both strangers and people they are familiar with.

Corporate entities in the hospitality industry often stand to make large profits when trafficking takes place on their properties. Nightclubs, hotels, sports venues, and other entities are regularly used as sex trafficking sites, and these companies have a duty to report trafficking that they know or should know about on their property. Businesses that turn a blind eye to trafficking signs while reaping financial benefits are liable for damages under state and federal laws.

Negligent Security & How it Applies to Sexual Assault Cases in San Diego

Businesses, landlords, and other property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe for guests, customers, employees, and other visitors on their property. They are responsible for remediating dangerous conditions and warning visitors of existing dangers. When negligent security enables robberies, physical assault, sexual assault, and other crimes to take place, businesses and those responsible for the property may be liable.

Evidence that can be used to demonstrate negligent security includes:

  • Past sexual assault and other crimes committed on the property
  • Dark parking lots and stairwells
  • Failing to monitor the area
  • Failing to respond to a security or emergency alert
  • Failing to install security cameras

Employers and businesses, including hotels, hospitals, retail stores, bars, and restaurants are responsible for maintaining a level of security for visitors on their property. If you were sexually assaulted on someone else’s property, and that sexual assault was reasonably foreseeable, you may have a claim against the property owner or manager.

Recognizing Signs Of Sexual Assault

Sometimes sexual assault victims are unable to report the assault. Children, those with mental impairments, and elderly adults are often targeted by offenders who know that they may be unable and unlikely to report the abuse. Unfortunately, when victims cannot report sexual assault, it may take time for their loved ones to recognize what they have been going through.

Signs of sexual assault include a change in behaviors, nightmares, reluctance to change clothes, signs of pelvic injuries, depression, and being diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases. Discovering that a loved one has been sexually assaulted is tremendously painful, but you can help to ensure that justice is served and that responsible parties are held accountable.

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If you or a loved one has been sexually assaulted, the attorneys at CaseyGerry can help. We offer free consultations with no obligation. We will listen to your story, discuss the important elements of your case, and go over your potential financial recovery.

We take our cases on contingency, which means that we will not collect any attorneys’ fees until you have secured compensation from responsible parties. We know that you are going through a difficult time, and our attorneys will provide you with compassionate and professional legal services.

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