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Fraudulent Claims About COVID-19

Fraudulent Claims About COVID-19

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, providing accurate and factual information is critical for everyone’s health and safety. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding COVID-19, including false and fraudulent claims made by a variety of companies. These claims not only break the law, but they also put people at risk of making uninformed decisions that can impact their health and safety.

FTC Warns Companies of Violations

Under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act, it is unlawful to advertise that a product can prevent, treat, or cure a human disease without competent and reliable scientific evidence. This often means conducting controlled human clinical studies that substantiate the claims are true. Still, some marketing companies have falsely claimed that their products can treat, cure, or prevent COVID-19. Others have advertised that people who have lost income can earn money through their companies. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent warning letters to these marketing companies, telling them to remove the claims that are misbranding their products and breaking the law.

Those who received letters regarding both health and/or earnings claims include:

  • doTERRA International, LLC
  • Pruvit Ventures, Inc.
  • Total Life Changes, LLC
  • Tranont
  • Modere, Inc.
  • Arbonne International, LLC
  • Zurvita, Inc.
  • IDLife, LLC
  • It Works Marketing, Inc.
  • Rodan & Fields, LLC

If you or a loved purchased a COVID-19 related product or service because of false misrepresentation of the product or service, please contact us to discuss your case. You may have been a victim of consumer fraud.

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