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Fatal Riverside Plane Crash: Cessna C550 Tragedy at French Valley – CaseyGerry Aviation Lawyers

CaseyGerry is saddened to report yet another fatal crash that occurred in or near the French Valley Airport in Murrieta, California.

The crash occurred on the morning of Saturday, July 8, when a Cessna C550 flying in from Las Vegas, NV crashed while attempting to land in the Riverside airport. Fire officials reported that the small plane burst into flames when it crashed in a field near the airport. The incident occurred at around 4:15 am. Tragically, everyone on board was killed.

Reports state that the pilot attempted the first landing but pulled back due to poor visibility. The crash occurred on the second attempt as conditions worsened.

This comes days after a fatal July 4th incident at the same airport when a pilot flying a sing-engine Cessna 172 crashed in a parking lot near the airport, shortly after take-off. The pilot was killed and three passengers sustained injuries. The event occurred at around 2:45 pm and human error is suspected, but the National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) is still investigating both crashes.

The NTSB is tasked with investigating all civilian aviation incidents in the United States. In addition, they conduct studies, and based on their findings, recommend actions to prevent future casualties such as these.

In an NTSB report on private aircraft accidents, it was found that the majority of such incidents reported involving a Cessna at almost 26,000 crashes; Piper at 14,100 and Beech at slightly over 5,000. That means that more than half of all private aircraft incidents in the NTSB database involved a Cessna.

CaseyGerry has a strong history in aviation litigation and are fully versed in the complex laws, and extensive time-line that plays into seeking justice for those who have been impacted by an aviation accident.

When an aviation crash occurs, the agencies involved investigate the incident extensively and file their findings accordingly. However, this may take months to years to complete. When those harmed by an aviation accident come to us, we launch our own investigation into the case and work with federal and state agencies and other bodies involved to get a clear picture of the incident.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in aviation litigation has been paramount in helping our clients find justice in a complex and sometimes overwhelming situation.

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