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March 14, 2014 Press Releases

Victim Awarded Nearly $500,000 Following Brutal Attack by German Shepherd

San Diego, Calif. — A $456,000 settlement has been reached in a lawsuit filed by a San Diego resident who was seriously injured after being attacked by a German Shepherd nearly three years ago.

Robert J. Francavilla, a partner with CaseyGerry and firm associate Angela Jae Chun, represented the plaintiff, a 34-year old female scientist, in the case against the dog owners and their pool service company — settling just before it was to go to trial in San Diego Superior Court.

According to Chun, their client was seriously injured when the 89 pound dog escaped from its owners’ backyard while the pool company was servicing the pool due to the deteriorated condition of the backyard gate. The plaintiff was mauled by the dog after it lunged at her, repeatedly attacking and biting her face, shoulders, arms, legs and tearing her right ear.

“As a result, of the attack and subsequent injuries, our client has been left with permanent scarring and has suffered emotionally,” Chun said. “We believe the owners showed blatant disregard for the safety of others by allowing a dangerous dog to roam loose in a residential neighborhood — and ultimately, we hope the settlement will raise awareness about the inherent dangers of unrestrained dogs.” Chun also recommends that consumers check their homeowner’s policies – as dog bites may be excluded.

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