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Evidence Needed to Prove Your Car Accident Case

February 5, 2022 Car Accidents

After a car accident in San Diego, it is critical to preserve certain pieces of evidence that will significantly impact your ability to recover compensation. Here are the types of evidence that can help ensure you have a solid car accident case.

What evidence is needed to prove your california car accident casePhoto and Video Evidence

According to 2019 crash data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, there were 33,244 fatal motor vehicle crashes, 3,316 of those occurring in California. In order to have an effective car accident case, you must be able to establish negligence through evidence.

If you are not immediately transported to the hospital and can remain at the scene, stay and capture the following in photos or videos:

  • The damage to all vehicles involved
  • Final positions of the vehicles after the collision
  • Property damage to the surrounding area
  • Road conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • Skid marks and/or any debris
  • Road signs and/or traffic lights
  • Any injuries you sustained

Photos or videos should be taken from multiple angles and at varying distances. Having this type of evidence can help corroborate your version of how the accident occurred and who was responsible. Photos or videos of the scene and the damage to the vehicles can show the direction from which your vehicle was struck, the approximate speed of the oncoming vehicle, the distance to a traffic sign or signal, and other clues regarding the fault. Documentation on debris and vehicle parts, such as shredded tires or brake lines, may indicate whether a vehicle or part defect contributed to the accident. If you are taken to a hospital, you can ask someone or hire an attorney to collect evidence at the scene for you.

Police Report

Notifying the police of the accident is a vital step. They will arrive on the scene and take an accident report, which weighs heavily in an insurance company’s decision on fault. A police report will contain details of their investigation. The officer will note basic details of the crash, driver statements, how they believe the accident occurred, and who was to blame. The report will also contain information on whether a driver received a citation for a moving violation or was arrested, which can serve as substantial evidence of fault.

Witness Statements

If anyone witnessed the crash, ask if they are willing to make a brief recorded statement on your phone. Their honest account of what they saw can demonstrate your lack of fault. Be sure to ask for their contact information since the insurance company and your attorney will likely also wish to speak to them.

Medical Records

Linking any injuries you have suffered to the accident through medical documentation is vital to recovering reimbursement for your medical bills and expenses. If you wait too long to seek treatment, the at-fault party’s insurance company can argue your injuries were not caused by the collision or are not as severe as you claim. The insurance company will also check that you followed the advice of your doctor and continued any ongoing treatment they recommended.

Speak to an Experienced Attorney

If you were recently injured in a car accident, a San Diego injury lawyer can help you collect the evidence you need to ensure liability falls on the appropriate parties. Call (619) 238-1811 or message us online to schedule your free consultation today.