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Criminal Acts and Premises Liability

March 14, 2019 Premises Liability Blog

Property owners owe visitors a duty of care to prevent criminal activity that could harm them. In other words, they are responsible for taking appropriate measures to keep people safe. Below is a breakdown of preventable criminal acts and premises liability cases that may arise for injured individuals.

When property owners and/or managers know about potential criminal activity and fail to protect people on the premises, they may be liable if someone gets hurt. To reduce the likelihood of criminal acts on the premises, owners, or managers might do any of the following:

  • Install security cameras and video surveillance
  • Add bright lights outside to increase nighttime safety
  • Hire security guards to monitor the premises

On every property, it’s the owner’s and manager’s duty to make the right choices that provide a safe environment for visitors.

Getting the Right Help

When CaseyGerry takes on a case involving criminal acts and premises liability, a firm partner assembles a team of lawyers, investigators, paralegals and staff to investigate and research the incident.

If you were injured due to a criminal act, CaseyGerry may be able to help. Our attorneys know the intricacies of premises liability law and will work with you to get the necessary details together. Time is of the essence. Our goal is to obtain maximum recovery for your losses now and for the future. We also aim to ensure the dangerous activity that caused the injury is corrected so others do not suffer the same fate. We welcome you to call the firm at (619) 238-1811.