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Two CaseyGerry Lawyers Inducted into the Lawdragon Hall of Fame

March 6, 2023 Awards

In 2015, Lawdragon launched the Lawdragon Hall of Fame,  a special list of highly selective lawyers to distinguish and celebrate Lawdragon 500 lawyers who continue to make significant contributions to the field of law. CaseyGerry is proud to announce that both Managing Partner David S. Casey, Jr. and partner and head of Mass Torts, Frederick Schenk have been inducted to the Lawdragon Hall of Fame. CaseyGerry is one of two law firms in the region to have the honor of two Lawdragon Hall of Famers.

David S. Casey, Jr. was inducted into the Lawdragon Hall of Fame in 2021. The very next year, Frederick Schenk was added to that distinguished list.

We are extremely proud of this double honor and recognize the incredible work by Casey and Schenk.

David S. Casey, Jr. 

Casey is the recipient of over 100 accolades. He has led the team to some exemplary results that have not only rendered justice to those who suffered, but have facilitated industry changes for the better, such as his role in Gwynn v. Tobacco; and Seau v.  NFL. Learn more about David S. Casey, Jr. here. 

Frederick Schenk

Schenk is known as the San Diego Asbestos & Mesothelioma lawyer. This is because he was the driving force in holding companies accountable for failing to protect individuals and their families from exposure to asbestos. He continues to fight for those who developed Mesothelioma, a rare cancer for which, the only documented cause is exposure to asbestos, and families who lost loved ones to this illness.  Learn more about Frederick Schenk here.