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Reno Air Crash Victims Compensated

September 26, 2016 Aviation Results

“This accident was a disaster waiting to happen on many levels.”

In another case capturing nationwide attention, CaseyGerry obtained compensation of $9.5 million for victims of the Reno Air Show catastrophe, which stemmed from the crash of a World War II-era P-51D Mustang fighter plane – known as “The Galloping Ghost” – during the 2011 air races at Reno/Stead Airport in Nevada. The highly modified and experimental airplane spiraled out of control and plunged nose-first into a crowd of hundreds of spectators, killing 11 and injuring more than 50.

“This accident was a disaster waiting to happen on many levels,” said firm partner David S. Casey, Jr., who worked with Scott Cummins, of counsel to CaseyGerry and an expert in aviation disasters & aviation litigation. “These are fast, loud and dangerous races, and event organizers allowed spectators in an area where they were in grave danger of being hit by an aircraft or aircraft parts,” he said. “This experimental and untested plane should never have been allowed to participate in this race.”

Result: $9.5 million