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Dog Bites on Rise In San Diego County

May 23, 2017 Blog

New data shows that the number of dog bites among San Diego County children is on the rise. Read More

Rady Children’s Hospital reports that more than 450 youngsters were injured by dog bites in 2016. According to hospital sources, that’s a jump from 337 bites in 2010. Read More

The San Diego data is not surprising. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, kids are the most common victims of dog bites, and most are bitten by a family dog or another dog they know. Read More

To help spread the about canine safety, Rady Children’s Hospital is teaming up with the San Diego Humane Society to give parents tips on how to help keep their kids out of danger when around dogs.  Read More

In the meantime, here are some simple tips to help keep kids safe around their furry family friends:

· First and foremost, kids should learn to respect a dog’s space. For example teach kids to refrain from teasing dogs or taking their toys.

· Instruct kids not to bother dogs who are eating or sleeping.

· Teach children that that while they may like hugs, kisses and piggyback rides, most dogs don’t.

· When encountering/meeting a dog for the first time, tell children to ask their parent (or the adult watching them) if they can pet the dog.

· Also ask the owner (or the adult responsible for the animal) if they can pet the dog. Also ask the dog’s permission by reading their body language — look carefully at the dog’s face and entire body for cues.  Learn More

For more details on how kids can safely interact with dogs. Read Here