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Is There a Bias Against Motorcycles and Their Riders in Crashes?

May 7, 2018 Blog

Negative bias against motorcyclists often affects their case if they have been involved in an accident, regardless of the facts. It seems ingrained in us to believe that motorcyclists simply drive too fast, constantly change lanes and are just reckless risk-takers in general.

Most of us have heard the loud revving of bikes or personally witnessed bikers popping wheelies on city and residential streets. Those experiences lead not just to our own biases when it comes to looking at a set of facts, but the biases of police or witness reports at the scene of an incident that form the basis of the evidence a jury may hear to determine liability and damages.

Our job is to make sure a jury understand that the transgressions of a few do not represent the majority. In fact, many bikers are considerate, safe and aware motorists concerned not just for their own safety, but for those around them. Nobody wants to be in a crash! Most motorcyclists, of course, want to avoid a fatality – and serious yet common injuries like head injuries, broken bones, spinal damage, loss of limbs and road rash.

There are some simple steps you can take to avoid motorcycle bias from negatively affecting your case. Start by building a safe biking history. And make it a routine to remain visible, wear a helmet, and to always drive safely and sober.

If you are in a motorcycle crash, do not talk to your insurance agent prior to your attorney. In fact, do not talk to anyone except a police officer and do not admit fault. Do not leave the scene of the accident until you’ve taken lots of pictures, video and notes. And even you feel uninjured, seek medical attention immediately.

Unfortunately, a bias against motorcyclists does exist. But motorcyclists can help mitigate preconceived notions by following the rules of the road and driving safely at all times.

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