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U.S. Bank Data Breach

October 2, 2020 Blog,Data Breaches

When individuals put their trust in a banking institution, they rightfully expect the strongest security possible to protect their money and personal information against theft. Unfortunately, a crime targeting U.S. Bank has threatened the financial security, credit score, and identity of their customers.

In July 2020, a computer server was physically stolen from a U.S. Bank corporate office. The information on the server included personally identifiable information including customers’ names and account numbers. The situation was made even worse when the bank did not notify anyone impacted until September – leaving customers exposed, unprotected, and unaware for two months.

There is still much uncertainty surrounding the crime. U.S. Bank has offered customers the opportunity to get a new account number. The bank also suggested they place a fraud alert and security freeze on their credit files and obtain a credit report to look for any suspicious activity. However, these precautionary measures could be too late if someone’s information was already used fraudulently against them in the weeks that they were unaware of the crime.

CaseyGerry protects the rights of consumers when companies allow thieves to compromise the security of their information. Our adversaries have been some of the largest corporations in the world, including Wells Fargo, Blue Shield, and Sony. We have held leadership roles in many cases involving security breaches that impacted millions, sometimes billions, of people. Partner and the firm’s Head of Complex Litigation, Gayle M. Blatt serves on the five-member Executive Committee in a class action against Yahoo! concerning three data breaches involving billions of users, a case that received preliminary approval of a $117 million settlement. Our firm stands up to negligent companies – even big and powerful banks – because they must take responsibility when they fail to protect their customers.

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