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How to pick the best law firm: Look for the distinguishing factor

March 21, 2021 Blog

With so many lawyers ready and willing to help clients, how do those seeking representation know which lawyer or law firm will be a good fit. In today’s highly competitive landscape, it is not enough to be a good lawyer or a reputable law firm. Legal services can be found through every medium available, the television, radio, newspapers. In addition, the internet has provided a platform for ‘experts’ to emerge regardless of the accuracy of the information presented.

CaseyGerry managing partner, David S. Casey, Jr. remembers when this was not the case.

Before 1977, lawyers were not permitted to advertise their services and only had their business card and reputation. Potential clients were referred to lawyers with proven history of success. That changed after Bates v. the State of Arizona, when the Supreme court ruled that lawyers could advertise their services.

This created an abundance of options for plaintiffs seeking representation, however, it also made it harder for potential clients to find the best law firm for the job. This is especially important in personal injury.

So how do you choose a law firm to represent you or your loved ones?

By looking for that distinguishing factor.

One of the things that distinguishes CaseyGerry from other law firms is that we have maintained a staff of in-house investigators for decades.

Why is this important?
CaseyGerry learned years ago that in serious automobile accidents, product liability accidents, premises liability cases, aviation cases, maritime cases, serious bicycle accidents, and motorcycle cases, relying solely on agency reports could jeopardize a case. We have seen errors in police reports that put the wrong party at fault or reports that missed witnesses, which were discovered only after our investigators looked into the case. What the investigators found made the difference between winning and losing.

Why is this so critical?
Getting the facts correct in your case is critical. Tracking down evidence, interviewing witnesses, and preserving evidence is critical and could make a difference in attaining justice.

For example, we had a serious personal injury case where our client tragically lost his arm. On the same day we were retained, our investigator went out to the scene of the incident and was able to get videos and pictures of critical evidence. We later found out that the evidence had been removed and destroyed the next weekend. Our record of the evidence proved critical in prevailing in that case because our in-house investigators were able to act immediately.

We have had highway design cases where our investigators visited the site and tracked traffic patterns, determining dangerous roadways and intersections that had resulted in clients’ injuries.
We have resolved cases where vital witnesses were left off police reports and once tracked down by our investigators, proved crucial to prevailing over a major case against the Federal government.

Clients who come to us have suffered a major injury or loss. It is our job to get the best results for them.Having a great team of in-house investigators is just one way we make sure they receive the justice they deserve.