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Health Net, LLC-Accellion Data Breach

April 16, 2021 Personal injury

CaseyGerry is investigating a data breach that was reported by Health Net, LLC, which, according to their notice, compromised the highly sensitive data of their members. Health Net, LLC is a client of Accellion, Inc., which was breached when its flagship product was hacked during a file transfer, consequently compromising millions of individuals’ private information including Health Net LLC members and members of its affiliates.

Accellion a cloud solutions company that provides secure file sharing, cyber security services and more to some of the biggest health care providers in the country.

Health Net, LLC, which is a part of the Centene Corporation, has a client-base of over three-million people. According to Health Net’s notice that was sent to their members, Accellion informed them in January 2021, that their client data may have been accessed during the breach. The compromised data included customer information of Health Net, LLC and its subsidiaries which were stored in Accellion’s systems. The compromised data includes, address, date of birth, insurance ID number, and health information such as medical conditions, and treatment.

Headquartered in Woodland Hills, CA, Health Net, LLC serves 58 counties across California with 14 office locations in: Bakersfield, Chatsworth, Fresno, Huntington Beach, Modesto, Oakland, Pasadena, Rancho Cordova, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Rafael, Stockton, Woodland Hills (HQ).

If you are a member of Health Net, LLC or any of its subsidiaries and you received notice of the breach, your sensitive data may be at risk. Contact us today at (619) 238-1811 or 1 (800) 292-5865 to explore your legal options.

CaseyGerry has over 74-years of holding companies accountable for their wrongdoing and have a successful track record of representing individuals affected by data breaches nationwide.