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How to pick the best law firm: Discussing your case with a lawyer v. an intake person

April 26, 2021 Blog,Personal injury

When you are a new potential client and you call a firm to discuss your matter, do you talk to a lawyer or are you referred to an ‘intake’ person?

In today’s environment with mass marketers, television advertising, and the internet, many firms now use intake companies, who will interview potential clients on a mass level. When potential clients phone in, they do not get to talk to an attorney nor do they get legal advice, because the intake individuals are not legally allowed to give legal advice. Call us old fashioned, but at CaseyGerry, when a new client calls in, we make sure they have an opportunity to talk to a lawyer.

While we are very selective in the cases we accept, we want to do our very best in answering the questions of individuals who place their trust in reaching out to our firm for advice. In a time when many law firms no longer have attorneys available to talk to potential clients, CaseyGerry has maintained an attitude that potential clients are entitled to talk directly to lawyers in our firm to make sure that we can give them the best advice possible.

When you call our firm, you will be connected directly with a lawyer to answer your questions or in the event we are in court or deposition and the lawyers are not immediately available, they will call you back shortly to talk.

Our experience has taught us over the years that individuals who have had serious trauma in their family as a result of someone else’s fault or responsibility, need to have their needs addressed immediately and knowledgeably. In our opinion and in our practice, only lawyers can really do a proper job in responding to those needs.

This is another difference with Casey Gerry, which we believe has kept us at the top of our field over the last 70 years.