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Noblr Data Breach

May 11, 2021 Blog,Data Breaches

Noblr Reciprocal Exchange (Noblr), a technology-centric car insurance provider, has reported a data breach that affected at least 97,633 individuals.

In the notification sent out to affected individuals, Noblr reported that the breach was detected on January 21, 2021 when they noticed an unusual increase on their instant quote webpage. The company’s investigation revealed that hackers may have been using individuals’ information such as name and dates of birth acquired elsewhere to use on the Noblr instant quote platform and gain access to additional information such as driver’s license numbers and more.

Noblr provides individuals with custom insurance quotes via its instant quote webpage. When an individual enters identifying information such as name and / or date of birth, the Noblr platform pulls information from other sources, compiling a comprehensive insurance quote for the individual.

The company noted in their breach notification that the breach may have affected not only Noblr members, or those who submitted quote inquiries, but also those whose information were obtained elsewhere and used in this incident.

CaseyGerry is investigating this security breach. If you have received notification of the Noblr data breach, please contact us at (619) 238-1811 to explore your legal options.