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Residents Take Advantage of Class Action Settlement

May 30, 2013 News Articles

Public meetings held to explain how people can submit claims By Allison Sampite-Montecalvo, MAY 30, 2013

CHULA VISTA — The first of three meetings to explain how eligible taxpayers could submit claims for a piece of an $8 million lawsuit settlement attracted a handful of people with questions about the process and criticism for the city of Chula Vista.

Chula Vista settles suit over cell phone tax

May 7, 2013 News Articles

By Dave Rice – San Diego Reader

The City of Chula Vista appears set to settle a class action lawsuit brought by wireless phone users who claim the city has been charging an illegal tax rate on the devices.

Chula Vista Settles Class Action Lawsuit For Local Wireless Phone Tax With Refund to Taxpayers & Rate Reduction

May 3, 2013 News Articles

A San Diego court has preliminarily approved a class action settlement between wireless phone users and the City of Chula Vista that includes $8 million being made available for funding for rebates and refunds of the City’s telephone user’s tax and payment of litigation expenses and attorneys’ fees.

Chula Vista to pay $8 million in class-action lawsuit

May 3, 2013 News Articles

By Allison Sampite-Montecalvo, Union-Tribune

CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A San Diego Superior Court judge has approved a preliminary settlement in a class-action lawsuit challenging Chula Vista’s tax on wireless phone service, and tens of thousands of cellphone users in the city could share in the $8 million to be distributed as part of the agreement.

Recession causes permanent shifts in legal firms’ practices

May 3, 2013 News Articles

By Douglas Sherwin, The Daily Transcript

The legal industry, like most other segments of the U.S. economy, is slowly improving as the country rebounds from the recession.

But the recent financial woes caused law firms and their clients to re-think how they do business — a change that is likely permanent, according to local legal analysts.

Chula Vista Settles Cell Phone Tax Lawsuit for $8 Million

May 2, 2013 News Articles
The tax, introduced in 1970, charges a small fee on users of telephones, electricity and other utilities within the South Bay city. As cell phones came into popular use, Chula Vista started allowing phone companies to tax cell phone calls too, and for years it collected and spent that tax money.

Chula Vista settles cell phone tax case for $8 million

May 2, 2013 News Articles

By Douglas Sherwin, The Daily Transcript

The city of Chula Vista has agreed to pay up to $8 million in refunds to settle a class-action dispute over a telephone tax it applies to wireless phone users in the city.

Local firms show slow increase in hiring of women, minorities

April 29, 2013 News Articles

Women are inching ahead in the legal profession in San Diego. An annual equality survey by Lawyers Club of San Diego shows small but steady increases in the numbers of women and minorities in partner and leadership positions in law firms from last year.