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With Accusations Mounting, More than 30 Million Women Report Being Sexually Harassed

December 8, 2017 Blog

Following mounting accusations of sexual harassment, the beleaguered Minnesota Senator Al Franken announced his resignation yesterday. Read More

Franken’s case is just the latest in the media spotlight as growing numbers of politicians, celebrities, media personalities and more are dogged by allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior.
As sexual harassment cases such as these continue to soar, the need to hold people accountable is gaining ground. The 2017 Person of the Year named in Time’s annual issue was actually a group of people: The Silence Breakers. This term refers to all the women who have spoken out against their abusers about their experiences with sexual harassment.

Once the allegations of abuse from Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein hit the media, the hashtag #MeToo emerged as the social media nod to those who have been the victim of a sexual harassment. Initiated by actress Alyssa Milano, #Metoo went globally viral overnight, with more than five million posting the now famous phrase. Which is not surprising – according to an ABC/Washington Post poll a staggering 33 million U.S. women have reported being sexually harassed, and 14 million sexually abused in work-related incidents.

From politicians to CEOs to celebrities to athletic coaches it seems sexual harassment is now an epidemic. And it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Nearly every week in the media, another sexual harassment bomb drops about a well-known – and often well-loved – individual. The result is life changing for all. And these are the stories we hear about. Closer to home and out of the spotlight it’s a near certainty many of our friends and family have been the victim of such attacks. Maybe even you have a story to share.

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