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Life Quotes Inc. Data Breach

January 8, 2021 Data Breaches

Life Quotes Inc., an internet-based insurance service company that provides individuals with life insurance quotes from multiple providers reported a data breach in December 2020. The company informed customers of a ransomware attack on their systems that occurred on October 19, 2020. Their investigation found that customers’ personal information had been compromised in the attack.

The company stated that it had taken immediate action to secure their systems however, they did not state how many customers had already been affected.

A ransomware attack is when an individual or business’ server is held hostage until a ransom has been paid. Cyber attackers can gain access to servers through phishing scams and drive-by downloading. Once access is gained, files are encrypted with ransomware which blocks access to the server or files until the ransom is paid.

In April 2020, ZDNet, a news site focused on business technology, reported that the number ransomware attacks quadrupled since 2019 and are now more common than financial data breaches because hackers see it as a faster and easier way to make money.

As an internet-based company, Life Quotes Inc. had a responsibility to understand its platform and protect those who use its services. CaseyGerry believes that companies should be held accountable when they do not provide adequate data protection. We have successfully represented individuals against big internet-based companies such as Yahoo! Inc. who failed to safe-guard users’ personal information.

If you received notice of the Life Quotes Inc. data breach, please contact our attorneys at (619) 238-1811 to explore your legal options.