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Summit BHC Data Breach

February 28, 2021 Data Breaches

Tennessee-based behavioral health services company, Summit Behavioral Healthcare (SBHC), has reported a data breach that was detected in late May 2020. An investigation determined that two employee accounts were infiltrated by an unauthorized third-party gaining access to patients’ health information.

Summit Behavioral Healthcare provides psychiatric and substance abuse disorder services such as residential chemical dependency programs, acute psychiatric care, detox programs, among others. The company operates 18 treatment facilities all over the country including in California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee and more. Summit BCH serves both adults and minors with mental health and addiction.

The investigation found that highly sensitive data was compromised in the breach including patient’s, name, Social security number, diagnosis, treatment, prescription information, medical history, financial information, and health insurance information.

If you or a loved one is a current or former patient of Summit BHC and have received notification of the breach, please contact our attorneys at (619)238-1811 to explore your legal rights.

CaseyGerry has extensive history representing those who have been harmed by a company’s failure to protect the information of those who trusted them. We have held leadership positions in high-profile data breach lawsuits including in, Yahoo! Inc. data breaches, Citrix and more.

With the increase of data breaches especially in the health care industry, Summit BHC should have taken adequate data protection measures to ensure the safety of its clients’ information.