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How to pick the best law firm: Meet Our Investigators

March 27, 2021 Blog

A house is only as good as its foundation. At CaseyGerry, our foundation is built on the hard-work and dedication of our team. They are the heart of the firm and what, I believe, truly distinguishes us from the competition.

As the only San Diego plaintiffs’ law firm to have maintained an in-house staff of private investigators for decades, we are fully aware of how committed our investigators are to our clients and to their profession. Recently, one of our full-time investigators, Jay Paulino, was admitted to the World Association of Detectives (W.A.D), the largest and most recognized association dedicated to upholding the highest ethical practices in the private investigator or security service profession. Jay has extensive experience working on catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, product failure, premises liability, strict liability, and other serious injury cases. He played a lead role in Casey Gerry’s efforts in the investigation of the Northern California fires against PG&E. He has been recognized by his fellow investigators throughout California. He received an award from the California Association of Licensed Investigators in 2019 and 2020 for his outstanding efforts.

Paul Francavilla has been a private investigator with Casey Gerry for over 17 years. He is licensed by the California Bureau of Security Investigator Services, which requires 6,000 hours of investigative training and successful completion of the rigorous examination. He is a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators. He has had experience investigating hundreds of accidents, ranging from automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian collisions, malfunctioning products, premises liability, construction site, and numerous other cases. Both Jay and Paul are a core part of the Casey Gerry team.

When you select a top personal injury firm, you want to make sure you are getting a firm that has strong investigative capability, because getting the facts right makes all the difference. We are very proud of Paul and Jay.